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Media line pursuant to Section 25 (4) MedienG:

The Equine Research International website provides the public with information about the purpose, vision and idealism of the association and its members. 

Imprint / Disclosure according to §§ 24f MedienG 

Association name: Equine Research International – Society for International Research, Teaching and Methodology of Equine Podiatry

Address: Hans-Pfitzner-Strasse 5/6, 5020 Salzburg, Austria.


Association headquarters: Salzburg

Legal form: non-profit association

Registration number ZVR: 1838896861

Register: Salzburg, Department for Association, Assembly and Media Law Matters.

Basic direction of the non-profit association (in the sense of the association law): The association aims to promote international research and teaching on as well as practice of equine podiatry and is divided into the following areas: (a) research into the effect of various hoof preparation and shoeing methods on the holistic health of the horse, (b) dissemination of knowledge on the traditional and innovative craft of hoof preparation in horses as well as other hoofed animals and the effects of its performance to professionals and all people working with hoofed animals.

Media owner: 

Equine Research International – Society for international research, teaching and methodology of equine podology, Hans-Pfitzner-Straße 5/6, A – 5020 Salzburg